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My Approach

Starts with a conversation - where I can understand more about what you are looking for and you can get a sense of whether I might be a good fit for the work.


I like to co-create solutions in partnership with you, collaborating with teams and ensuring the work we do together can be sustained internally in the longer term. I focus on ‘solving at source’ in all I do, bringing creativity and fresh eyes to your challenge.


As a general rule of thumb, most projects tend to follow a pattern of:


  • Connecting with the opportunity and getting a sense of the work involved


  • Getting deep into the opportunity through immersion meetings, document and landscape reviews - to understand the possibilities and potential of the work.

Insight & engagement

  • Bringing different voices and views into the opportunity through stakeholder interviews, surveys and workshops


  • Giving shape and strategy to the opportunity be that brand, culture, campaigns, etc. Presenting the insight and recommendations to leadership teams, including Boards, and facilitating discussion and next step decisions.


  • Delivering on the agreed recommendations


  • Launching the work, telling the story, creating engagement and building relationships


Running through this process is the potential for me to coach teams and individuals to help optimise the work, build personal accountability and deliver stronger results.


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