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Beyond Purpose

Marrying purpose with belief and putting this at the heart of your business will build authentic connections: you will resonate emotionally with those that matter to you; you will be remembered. 

With more and more causes fighting for attention; the commercial sector getting well and truly into the shoes of ‘purpose’ and with mistrust filtering into the third sector, there has never been a more important time for organisations to have a deep understanding of, and commitment to, their brand. Nurtured through wise leadership, an organisation’s approach to branding can help them navigate uncertainty and bring people and supporters along on the journey.

Whilst there has been a huge rise in awareness of the importance of being clear about your purpose, my experience is that purpose alone is not enough to help navigate your brand through today's rapidly changing environment.

I have experienced how connecting with one’s purpose, be that at an individual or organisational level, and underpinning this purpose with a clearly articulated and shared belief unlocks potential, creativity and growth. Purpose gives you clarity in a rapidly changing environment. When brought together with a universalising belief and values you live true to, it provides the foundation for sustainable, authentic development.

It takes courage to be truly authentic - to be vulnerable, to be real. I help leaders be brave, hold ambiguity and step into working with change, not through it. 

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